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cold weather blues

hey folks, here in beantown it was darned cold today. My question is my poor 190 hates to drive after a cold start. Basically it studders and shakes if you try to drive it before an honest five minutes warm up. After that time, lucky always drives like a dream. During the warm up lucky takes a while before the idle picks up to its usual warm temp idle of say 600 or 700rpm. Couple questions: should the car idle faster at start up on a cold day (it does not currently start at a higher rev)? Should I rev the engine to keep it up over 1krpm for the first thirty seconds or so or just let the poor thing suffer through it until it comes up to a steady idle? Secondly is this normal to need a good warmup time for an 85 with 190K. Will it do the car any harm to warm up out there or more to drive off before it's clearly ready?

1985 190e 2.3
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