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I would expect that Peter's 180E has exactly the same arrangement as my 190E (ie. no adjustment). The 180E is a unique to Australia (I believe) rebadged 190E-1.8 (W201). My brother also owns one (a '92 manual) that I owned for a short time almost six years ago. It would appear that the very first W201s may have had a master cylinder pushrod adjustment but the majority (since the mid '80s) do not. I would expect that Peter's car being a late model ('93) would not have the adjustment since my '90 model does not.


Yes, I am who you suspect and I remember you (and your 6.3) well. I have replied to the PM you sent me. I still own the 350SLC (have done for amost 21 years). Re your clutch, are you sure it has a problem? I would consider an engagement point of about 1" off the floor to be fairly normal. As Chuck suggests, 1/4" of slack at the top of the stroke seems a bit much though and almost suggest air still in the system. When you bled it, were you successful in doing so in both the normal and reverse directions? My understanding is that the reverse direction is the only sure way to remove air that rises to the top of the master cylinder.

Interestingly, for those who have followed the (long) story of my 190E clutch, there has only since last night been a change in its characteristics. It is now engaging lower in the pedal travel and, like Peter's clutch, also seems to have a small amount of "slack" or "softness" at the top of the pedal travel. At first I thought I was imagining a change, but again this morning it felt the same. I have only driven fairly short distances since noticing this and it will be interesting if the previous problem of the engagement point moving higher with increasing temperature still persists. I won't post anything on my previous thread(s) until I have something of more substance to report. Apart from the softness at the top of the travel it is now feeling quite normal, especially with regard to the engagement point. It is always a bit worrying when strange faults suddenly "fix" themselves. I am sure there is some issue probably with the master cylinder (as I have been suspecting for a while). Peter, I suspect that if there is a fault with yours it may well be closely related to the fault with mine. We had better keep each other posted and compare notes as we find anything new.

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