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1980 380 se is what is on the title, fuel issues

Hi all, after doing so research on the forum I found a book on fuel injections that I will purchase and a few other ideas on what I can do to get my 380 se/ whatever else the people who had it before threw on it.

Anywho I bought this car really cheap, The car has been setting for a couple of years and after seeing that the tank was empty I put gas in it and it started up.

While cruiesing home my brother flagged me down and told me fuel was dumping out the back. After inspecting it the hose was bad in between the fuel pump system and the tank. I rigged it up so it wasn't leaking and started it up again and got about a half mile and the car died on me. I found no power to the fuel pump. Question where is the relay for the fuel pump? if that seems like the problem and any other ideas would be great. thanks in advance
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