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just a bit of time for a diesel


I beleive each car has it's own quirks and personality. I have an 87 SDL with just over 250K on it. It starts right up even at 30* this morning - just 1 glow plug cycle of about 30 seconds I would guess.

It always sputters for a few seconds, seemingly typical of this engine and age. I raise the revs to about 1000 for 10-15 seconds and it is then running smooth enough to drive. My driveway is about 30 yards uphill, so it gets another 30 seconds of 1000-1500 rpm warm up backing out and going up the driveway. It is ready to go the 1/2 mile of neighborhoods at 35mph. By then I have heat coming from the vents. No problem merging onto a country road that runs at 55 mph speeds.

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