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The car was diagnosed and it showed 2 codes both relating to this Throttle actuator because of lean air mixture.

The reason I had diagnosed in the first place is because.......recently......and all of a sudden lsat week car hesitated on the free way at high speed....I felt a sudden short loss of power (less than a second), that repeat as if the car is either not receiving fuel, or not intaking air. This only happens at constant speeds, never at deceleration or acceleration. On surface street.....U could feel the idle dropping down reeeaaally low....the car actually shut off a couple of times at red lights.
I changed the plugs, plug wires, and put in a new fuel filter.

I am 100% positive my fuel system is fine. As far as electrical, there is still the coils to examin, (the mechanic ruled out a wiring harness, because it seemed new to him....??? although I could not back this up with the car's service i dunno).....then there is OVP ( I doubt beeing the problem), the throttle body..and finally the ECU ( hope not).

Suprisingly today...the car started normally...and drove back and forth to work symptoms.....although when i started it at work Idled around 450.

then after I rolled with it regulated. However I do feel a little play in Idle about 50-100 at the most.

What do u guys think about water in the system......I am not going to touch anything that expensive...because it is not logical for a part like this to fail this easily.....

anyways more input on this matter is very welcome and needed actually.

How would you go about cleaning a throttle body? by taking out the intake exposes the throttle valve....I was told not to touch the should I clean in if I don;t clean the valve and the surrounding.....or should I just clean the intake part around the valve without touching it.....I am confused.
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