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I have a 2002 C240.

Oil changes are actually doable, OEM filter, or if you don't drain out of the dipstick tube and decide to sump drain you'll need a copper drain plug washer. I think the torque tightening specs for filter and drain plug are 18 ft. lbs. but double check. (you should have free four year A & B service oil changes through U.S original warranty)

Know how much oil you drained and refill with same amount, the dash oil level readout is a very user friendly tool to measure correct level.

Dipstick tube is on front of engine passenger side, Transmission tube is at back of engine. Engine cover need not come off for oil change. Bottom shroud is easy to remove if draining from sump.

I decided against doing a brake fluid bleed myself, I understand you need a computer to reset the electronic aid system. Pads and brakes? that's another subject and I haven't researched if it is a simple hand tool job with no electronic intervention.

Air filter and cabin filter should be doable, a trick to changing brake fluid - use a turkey baster to suction fluid from reservoir every six months / add fresh fluid - should help keep fluid fresh
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