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You'll have to beat me in the bidding I was just going to post about that very engine.

I have a couple choices for upping the power in my G320. The 3.6L M104 is one option, the other is a bolt on twin turbo kit from the UK that I ran across.

I think the AMG engine will be the less expensive route. It is a long block with the intake and exhaust manifolds. It includes the fuel rail and injectors, the brutally expensive throttle body is there as well. The engine is a 1996 model.

So, I wonder if it will mate with my 1995 3.2L electronics? As stripped as the engine is, I optomistically doubt that it would be a big deal to run it with the standard 3.2L electronics. Anybody know for sure? Would I be better off trying to pick up a '95 C36 ECM? There may be a couple OBD sensors that do not get used but who cares?

Does anybody know if the sensors (coolant temp, TB position, crank sensor?, etc) are different from 95-96? Naturally I was hoping for a plug and play situation.

Any insights????
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