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Originally posted by roadsession
It should rev higher. This is not normal. Could be a faulty temp sensor - that's a cheaper thing to replace than ECU.

Warm up time on a cold day - I've tried:

1. warming up 3 mins before driving off.
2. warming up 30 sec before driving off.

The smoothest ride is had with (1).
I don't mind investing 3 mins in warm up.

I wonder what is warm up time for some of our diesel engined forum members.
well up here on the north shore it was a balmy 18deg f this morning ..
started the diesel, held it at 1000rpm for about 30seconds. drove off and at about 30mph took a solid 15-20 minutes to get to operating temperature (no block heater used).
i would estimate at half that time for full warmup would be necessary if the block heater had been on.

'scuse me - gotta run - we're going water skiing this afternoon
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