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The above responses from fellow members are impressive on the subject, especially from Mr. Albert Champion.

One thing that is important to me is how well used Mercedes-Benzes stand and look after high mileage. T

That is why many malicious sellers tend to lower the mileage on the odometer to fool the unsuspecting buyer.

Many go to the trouble to change the obvious: seat upholstery, new set of tires, clean the engine compartment, etc, etc, etc. BUT, they usually miss the small details were you can really tell if an M.B. is high mileage or not:

1/ Check how worn the key is

2/ Check how worn the "on" key for the radio is. Switching on the radio is something a driver almost always does, but a seller will not change the unit just to cover a worn out on-key.

3/ See how worn the gas and brake pedals are.

4/ Worn springs on the front seats is also a good telltale of high mileage cars, unless the original owner was a big guy/gal.

5/ Check for dimmed interior/dash lights.

If any of the above items appear to be to worned out for a 40,000 miles car, it is definitely NOT a 40,000 miles car.
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