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My wife called me at work today to tell ne that the 87 300TD won't crank and that the warning lights do not extinguish when she removes the ignition key. After playing with it a few times, the idiot lights go out, but still no crank, and no more idiat lights, whether the key is on or off. I played with it when I got home and sho nuff, she described it correctly. The key feels "funny", and it has been almost stuck a few times, so I believe a new tumbler is in order. We use steel keys and both gave the same problem to day. A search for previous posts talks about inseting a paperclip into the "access hole" in the tumbler, but I don't really see this. I have looked all through the tech CD, and only saw info on how to remove the lower dash cover, which I have done. Where is this hole? Is there more info in the CD which I just can not find? I have looked at both discs!? I have also seen ignition lock cover remover sockets for sale in MB DIY catalogs, do I need one?

The steering lock seems to work OK as the key rotates to the "on" position, even though there are no lights. The key/door buzzer also works. Do I need more than the tumbler? The electrical aspect of the switch seems pretty cheap, do you think it is just the tumbler not engaging the electrical switch, or the switch screwing up and making the tumbler feel different? I have also checked the fuses, all ok!

Last week when I started looking into a wheel bearing noise, another member suggested that my wife is sabotaging the 300TD as an excuse to drive Suzanne (280SEL 4.5) and I am beginning to think there is a bit of truth in that! Wheel bearing project not started yet, but South Bend Lathe to use for making bearing presses is here and almost functional!

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