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Unhappy W140 - cannot start -- Ignition Control Box

This is a very sad afternoon.

I have a 1994 W140 S500 which has 100K miles on it.

The car drives exceptionally well until last night. The car starts and runs a bit rough and it stalls after 10 seconds or so. I tried a few times, and still no luck. I let it rest for a few hours and came back to find the engine will turn but will not start anymore.

I immediate reaction is fuel or fuel pump etc problem. I have got the car toll back to the dealer and have it checked.

I received a call from the service manager to say that the "Ignition Control Box" was blown. To replace it is $$$$$$.

I asked what is that box doing and why it is so expensive??? I cannot get a good answer!!!

Can anyone give me some comforting explaination for me???

Please help.....

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