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I was a partner in a machine shop for ten years and can tell you with out a dought that a professional easy out is a whole different tool than one from the hardware store.A pro in a good shop will have an angel head drill the best bits and probably a simple creative way to heat the broken bolt while shielding any flameble parts.Were it my car before pulling an engine I sure would have someone with experience look at it .Pulling an engine usally dose not come as a free bonus for extracting a broken bolt..........

Kip I just looked at your profile and see that you have done a lot of things as have I (Feb.1941)
and I would try everthing I could think of but pull the engine, lift it up off its mounts,remove other parts,ect.I have even cut holes in body panels,firewalls floorboards you name it to get at what looks like an unreachable part.................
William Rogers...........

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