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Funny, today I filled the 190e with Chevron Supreme. Within a few miles it seemed to run better. By the end of the day it was clear the car justs likes it.

I have to agree regarding all the negative comments. I bought the 190e from a junk yard for $1k. It has needed ALOT of work. A lot of work. To put it into perspective: the heater core replacement, which is considered one of the nightmare jobs on the car, wasn't all that bad .... think about that.

Everytime I fix something on any of our Benzes it makes me happy. I achieve a sense of satisfaction and appreciation for the car. If it needs something in the future, often I am attuned so well to the car that I know what's up and can anticipate what will need to be done, when and how. I think that is very cool.

Do I expect perfection? No! Do I think the cars will never break or breakdown? Absolutely not!

Personally, I am sorry if someone else has had a bad time with their car, no matter what the make. But come on.... Where did anyone say these cars were perfect?

I have spent a lot of time checking them out, learning about them BEFORE I bought any of our cars. If they need something, I enjoy (most of the time!) repairing them. I nejoy providing this level of reliability, safety, comfort and road competence these cars have to my family and myself.

Here is a diffferent comment about Mercedes Benz: I like them! Even the old 190.

They make me happy. I think they are interesting and actually very predictable in service and maintenance.

Regarding the comment about driving them hard: If you have ever been to Europe, you would have a totally different appreciation for these cars. In Germany, they drive them hard. They don't beat their cars, but they use them hard! High RPM work over mountain passes, down hard on the brakes in turns. The Germans are not afraid to drive their cars.

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