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New behavior at start-up..W124

I have never had this happen to me in this car before. 93' 300E.

Here in Atlanta it just started getting cold, about low and mid 30's yesterday. At startup, I always turn the key to the accessory postion for a few seconds, let fuel pumps engage, then crank engine. Upon doing so, i got a little resistance, as if the battery were low on cranking amps, it may be, then when car started, it immediately revved up to maybe 2,200+ rpm's briefly, then settled into its idle warm up mode. Did it yesterday morning, evening, and this morning.

Other than that, everything else is fine.

What should I look at?
-battery cranking power
-some sort of idle issue
-fuel pumps


Just wondering if it is the start of something.

Sportline Swaybars
Bilstein HD Struts
16" E420 wheels
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