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1988 300TE seat cushion removal

I searched, but I did not find (or missed) posts that addressed this for my car.

It is a 1988 300TE wagon with electric seats but no seat heaters. Can I swap the passenger seat cushion, not the seat back, without removing the whole seat. I thought I read in one of the posts that all I had to do was remove the 2 philips screws at the front-bottom of the seat frame, which I have done, and it would pull out with some manipulation, which it did not.

If I have to remove the two entire seats, are they interchangeable? If so, is the passenger seat set up to receive the arm rest currrently attached to the passenger seat, and how is it done?

If you can provide detailed instructions, or direct me to a site that does, on how to do all this, I would really appreciate it, as I, and my back, are really tired of riding around sitting in a hole.

Finally, where do I find a good, detailed, reasonably priced maintenance book or CD for this car and a 1995 320E. I looked at eBay, and they have some for sale but presently there are none posted for my car. Are they legit?

Thank you.
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