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My 1990 300d Turbo 2.5's sunroof opens and closes just fine, but for some reason when I pull the switch downward to make it pop up, it sort of pops up on the left side but refuses to pop up on the right.

Pushing up on the right side doesn't result in it popping up, although I could push a whole lot harder, I suppose. I try not to get violent, as this tends to break stuff. I dislike breaking stuff.

I assume that this means something is worn, broken, twisted or needs lubrication. I would very much like to fix this myself, as this would really boost my ego and also save me from having to pay someone $58.00 per hour. I feel that I have already done my part on this score. About $5,000 to repair the AC, replace the injector pump, injectors, glowplugs, computer and other things I do not wish to think about, just this year. But I am not a Diesel mechanic.

My message to anyone considering buying a used Mercedes: get it checked out by a mechanic FIRST: the fit and finish of these cars is so good, it is easy to miss expensive electronic defects. The AC and the Diesel systems can appear just fine, but have problems lurking under the surface, waiting to waylay a poor dummkopf's pocketbook. My car seemed to smoke just a little bit too much when I bought it.

I have overhauled simpler cars before and routinely fiddle with my other car, a simple Hyundai Excel.

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