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Thanks for the reply folks....I checked to see if the wires were the problem and everything seems intact. I played around with putting the switches from the two front windows(working windows) into the rears and still doesn't work. I would like to try putting power straight to the door but I am quite a novice with electrical work. Can someone tell me a safe and sure way to check if I am getting power to the window regulators. If I bypass and find out that the window works that way, then there is something definitely wrong with the distribution of power from the switches to the regulator. Could there be any relays that I can check?

Thanks again folks. I'm determined to get my windows working back to normal. I can't help but cringe whenever I have someone sitting at the backseat and they try to open my windows to no avail. Hope no one gets carsick....What a mess that might be!!!

1986 300E
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