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Question 2003 C230 Coupe Dipstick

Hi All,
I recently purchased a 2003 C 230 Coupe Commpressor. I go to check the engine oil under the hood and guess what... NO Dipstick. Mercedes says that since you can check it on the console screen that they don't bother with a dipstick, only a cap for them to suck out the oil.

I talk to the parts dept. and one guy says you can order one. They send me a A 111 010 1172 dipstick for 20 bucks. I put it in and it reads 1/2" above the max level. The car has 1400 miles on it.
I call the parts guys back and they say now that there is no dipstick for the car available. They now say there is a Mercedes Tool that you can buy to check the oil level that is 4 feet long. The dipstick they sold me is around 2 ft. long. Their tool can not be left in the car and is only for checking. They also say that the dipstick they sold me can not be relied on to give a correct reading.

Can anyone tell me which part of this nonsense is true? Is it just that the dipstick is slightly too long? or a little too much oil? I really like to visually inspect my engine oil to check how dirty it is. The dash wont tell me that.

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