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I hace no idea what you mean here

" How you planing to remove the engine/ work inside you garage with out having a room of at list 23ft in length to retreat those irons? "

What does "retreat the irons" mean? I am a redneck from Washington, Oklahoma. How I plan on doing the engine is unbolt the motor and trans, hook a tilting engine harness to the VERY NICE loops that are ALREADY THERE! Then lift a little, tilt a little, till it is out, then roll the whole crane into the garage. Then lift the engine stand about a 1/2 inch and bolt it on, then lower the whole thing. Then leave the AWESOME loops on the engine used to pull it. Then I'll Take off the head, probably cuss that cam chain if it is anything like my Yamaha's, and then try to knock the pistons out with a rubber mallot, then send it down to be line bored and planed on all surfaces, even the pan side. Then put it all back together with new guts, and put it back in. If you mean re-arcing the springs, I couldn't care less about that unless the car is sitting funny. I don't even know if it has a frame or not, I can't remember. Anyway, you will have to explain what you mean.

Steve Wyatt
GM/Ford Expert
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