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To Richard Ney

My wife says you mean just "how do I plan to pull the engine, since the car is long with the engine puller in front of it".

I do have a 1 car Garage. It measures 5m by 10m. or 15ft x 30ft. I have a driveway that is a little longer than 30ft. I have done many engines. It will not be on a rainy day. I repair cars 50% of the time, and develop software 50% of the time for . I work on cars when the weather warms up in the afternoon, it is cold here, unlike Southern California, it get down to 40 here sometimes.(No I am not a weenie, in NM it gets to -10). I work on my computer in my underwear until noon or so. I would like to have a auto business full time, but I am only in Northern California for my job and my wifes job. We will move back to New Mexico after these jobs pay off (Stock options in Silicon Valley are a pretty popular tool to attract and retain professional talent) and we retire. I consider myself 1/2 retired since I retired from Lucent in July (at 37). It was a stock peak and It was time to cash out. Now we are waiting to see if works out. I like the chances of the company or I would already be in my Shop in New Mexico.
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