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Old 12-19-2000, 06:41 AM
steve hutson
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Strange thing happened today after getting the car back from
the shop. The dashboard and a/c system had been disassembled
for flap actuator replacement. All was ok until this evening
when for some reason the interior lights did't turn off when
the doors are closed. Buzzer works. All other positions of the interior light switch operate properly.
Is it possible that some module wasn't plugged in fully and has become detached? Is there a tailgate switch for the dome light? I read the archives, but didn't find much other than the location of the module.
By the way, I punched holes in my 124 cdrom "manuals" and
am using them as Christmas ornaments. For that purpose they
are useful, as they gleam nicely when they spin around!
Any help in the current situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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