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oops, after removing the intake penum i found the oil leak!!! it's coming from the passenger side valve cover gasket a t the end closest to the radiator. also, broke the shroud that covers the ? distributor (has a central wire and 4 spark plug wires exiting to the spark plugs) it is a black plastic shroud about the size of your fist. it has 2 rectangular holes tha t align with pins on the engine to affix it. what is the trick to move the pegs out of the way so shroud can be removed . i broke the plastic around the upper hole on the passenger
side. i noticed this same peice was broken on the drivers side shroud. now i need to replace both shrouds part numbrrs please.
also please advise on how to replace passenger side valve cover gasket. i'll need parts numbers for all needed parts and instructions how long should the jog take so i can set aside appropriate amount of weekend?
thanx alot mlg
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