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W124 Need transmission info, 1st gear start

I am looking for a 722.3 series transmission for my 88 300E. I need one of the later models that start on the First Gear.

Does anyone know the transmission number that I should be looking for that has this first gear start? If anyone has a 300E series that has the first gear start, I would be VERY GRATEFUL if you could look on the transmission and give me the part number so that I can search for the same tranny. (I believe the part number is stamped on the passenger side of the tranny right above the mating surface of the pan gasket).
It may be a little inconvenient as you probably have to lift the passenger side of the car to crawl under it and read it but I would be VERY grateful.
Or maybe somebody has a Mercedes part numbers catalog and can look into it and let me know.
I would appreciate it tremendously.
Also, are the gear ratios in all the 722.3 series transmissions the same?

Thanks in advance for any answer.

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