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If you want to be legal, silverstars are great, but wait until you put on E-code headlights, its like night and day.

I have 100W high beams, and I have my lights aimed just perfect, so I can really see very well. I didnt notice how much junk, and animals were on the road until I got euro lights.

Osram and Sylvania are the same company, sylvania is for the US market name.

The Sylvania Xenon conversions I have heard are also quite good, but expensive. When they first came out they were very very expensive, but I dont think they sell very many, so they dropped the price.

When the siverstars just came out, I bought a few sets they were about 30 dollars a bulb for 9004!

Eventhough people are in the way, sometimes flashing people can really blind them especially if they are an older person because their eyes dont adjust as fast as a yonger persons eyes.

Daniel W. everyone sees a little differently, and many older people react better to yellow light, while most yonger people react to white light better because they are more used to it, like white florescent lights. But there are some younger people that see better with yellow light as well...

I heard that Xenon lights might be banned, but I really doubt it. Too many cars have them now. In some cities they really dont like them because astronomers cant filter out xenon light because it "broadcasts" every color in the spectrum. Did you ever wonder why street lights are Yellow (Sodium Vapor) it only has one color, and it is very easy to filter out with a filter on a telescope.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my light knowledge, I used to really be into headlights a few years ago.
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