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Exclamation Rear View Mirror R&R S-500

Well, when I figure how to take this puppy off, I will add to the picture list. Ken P. has some real good pictures to share, different mirror than mine, but same guts and same problem. Thanks Ken!

More pictures to follow.

In this series, I show how to carefully pop off the light lenses and remove the light and foor control panel. Makes it easier to see the mirror components, but not necessary if you know what you are doing!

You will see the phone speaker behind the mirror and the mounting screw for the mirror assembly. Most plastic pieces just pop off, but DO NOT FORCE. I see on mine the tab has been broken off where someone took a BIG screwdriver to it!

The control/light panel has two metal clips, I'm pointing to them.
Gently pry these towards you, and pull down, the part towards the windshield will fall down and you can slide the unit out towards the windscreen. It has plastic "U" like clips on the other end that hook over the headliner, so do not pry on this end!

When Ken P. tells me how to get this baby off the roof, I will add more pics.

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