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MEGA urgent parts requirement - W123 230E Fuel Pump relay!

Hi there - I have two W123 cars - one of which I am selling VERY soon. Trouble is the other needs a part before I can drive it!! ASAP!!

I will need the W123 - 1981-85 230E FUEL PUMP RELAY - can you help!?

Part number: (UK / europe part) 0015456705 2ND HAND OR NEW either will do!!

I can easily pay you by Credit Card / paypal etc over the phone! I need this VERY QUICKLY.. can you help? If so please either call me on +44 (0)7976 546363 with your price and lead time for delivery to Essex (UK), or reply direct to Joe(AT)

I am a member of both MBUK owners club AND the MB association, so Id really appreciate any discount you offer if you represent a business ;-)

With thanks all!


>Joe Higham
1983 230E
1985 230TE
1995 E320 Estate
2003 E320cdi
1984 W123 230E Saloon/Sedan! (82k miles - Ice Blue as new)
1985 W123 230TE (96K miles - stinkingly nice!)
1995 W124 E320 Wagon (130k miles)
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Sportline Suspension W124, W123 TE restoration, A/C, cruise & powered seats retrofit!

>Based in the UK!
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