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96 sl320 Front main seal

hey Folks,
Has anyone changed the front main seal on a 320 engine? I had an oil leak so I replaced the upper timing chain cover seals and valve cover gasket, I still have a leak, not as bad but still there. I can see that it is coming from the main crank seal on the front of the engine.
I can not get the fan clutch off, I need some help on that, and will I have to replace the entire pan gasket? since the pan gasket is also sealed to the front lower timing cover. I have had this little car for 3 months and I keep finding oil leaks. When I took the upper timing cover off, I could tell someone else had been in there, there was sealer gooped all over, just a mess. Hopefully someday I will have no oil leaks.
Any help on the fan clutch and pan gasket would be helpful. Thanks a million!
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