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valve adjustment and now poor mpg?

yestrday I wrote about the valve adjustment I did... seemed to go well, but some of the values were quite a bit off. Today I drove out the rest of my tank of fuel, and only got 26 mpg, not my usual 29-30. Also, I noticed from my turbo gauge that cruising at 70mph, I was at full (8psi) boost constantly, whereas I kind of remember (maybe Im wrong), that before my boost would be 5-6-7 psi at 70-75 when cruising, but go up to full when I accelerated.

Could an incorrectly done valve adjustment cause me to drop MPG a LOT, yet still have the car start great cold, and run very smoothly?
Could it cause me to in some way either require heavier throttle to keep a certain speed (which I didnt particularly notice), or require more boost (which I suppose is directly proportional to throttle position) when moving?

I just am not very confident in my work, and want to be sure that it is right, so Id appreciate info on this for reassurance or so I can get it fixed before I do damage and get really poor MPG...


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