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My previous post about not cranking did not have any replies, but thanx to an old post from Metricman and a little patience I have removed the tumbler from my steering ignition column and found the internal coupling to the electrical side of the switch very loose and appears to not turn the electrical element.

Do I have to remove the whole steering lock assy to replace the switch? I still can not find this in the CD, so I assume with the steering lock disengaged and removing the single internal wrenching screw, the lock assy slides out and I can remove and replace the switch itself. I'll be tinkering on it tonite and any advice or hints will be appreciated.

By the way, here in Atlanta there was 2" of snow when I woke up and it is going to get down into the teens tonite! We have a small hill in the front yard and the kids sledded all day!

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