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Sodium Azide Bags

i have two w126's[560sel, 560sec]. both manufactured in 1986. on both cars the vinyl steering wheel cover has cracked out logitudinally along the right side.

these bags are more than 15 years old.

anyone have a suggestion as to how they should be dealt with?

i have never been certain as to the necessity of azide bags, especially when one is strapped-up.

i have never been in a situation where bags have deployed. and for that i am grateful, for a number of reasons, such as.....

1. my old and irreplaceable w126's continue to be immaculate.

2. i am not getting hit in the face by bags that in 1986 deployed more explosively than current vintage bags.

3. my wrists aren't being broken because i continue to drive the old way, rather than the modern method being taught - truck driver's pull down.

my last issue concerning sodium azide bags is the sodium azide itself. i know sodium azide from my met lab. it is a terrifically carcinogenic compound. would the crack in the cover allow sodium azide to contaminate a vehicle's interior?

all ears,
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