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After 3 weeks I went to pick up my ML55 today at the MB dealership. This cars been taken to the dealer numerous times, for leaking oil, trim falling apart, rattling, loose seals, and steering problems,ect. I was deeply dissapointed, The car was sent in 3 weeks ago to get the front seated releathered due to sratches that came on them. What came back was a sloppy non porfessional job of stuffing the new covers to the pads, not only was the job horrible but they told me all of them are like that, luckily there was another ML55 in the showroom. After comparing the brand new cars smooth seats to my wrinked rippled and loose ones, they still gave me a load of BS. The car was also testdriven through cemant, the inside had dust and mud on the carpet and there was moister in the HID lights, So I left the car there.The cars been falling apart eversince day 1, and all the dealer does is sometimes fix a problem and create a ton more. I would have rather have scratch seats from the factory than have the dealer touched my car! This car has Spent more time being fixed than Driven. Any suggestions, expirance or feedback on what I should do next!


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