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The car has a clean title and has been owned by the current owner for 6 years. He had an emissions test done earlier this year and will be giving me that since they're good for a year. The provincial safety certification will be done this week also.

If I have a provincial "used car package" for this car which states the current registration type, current owner, etc, etc.

This package confirms the current owner has had the car for 6 years, it is currently registered and plated, and has been passing the emissions test every 2 years since they bought it. It also confirms that the current title is not branded as salvaged, or anything else bad.

I will get the registration transferred (and therefore insurance) if I can provide three things:
1. Current "unbranded" title (which I know he has)
2. Emissions test (again, he will give me this)
3. Safety certificate (to be done this week)

I'll definately report back once I have the car home and have had some time with it. I'm convinced that I'm getting a deal because nobody wants to drive that far to see his car, plus it just snowed a few days ago and everyone is busy Christmas shopping rather than convertible shopping.

I'm sure I can put it on my driveway and make $2k by reselling it if I clean up the interior a bit (it's dirty as hell but everything works and is in excellent shape under the mud. Seller is in construction business and car has been to job sites this week...)

If I couldn't make that kind of money on it, I wouldn't even think of buying it. I may have hit a goldmine, but let's wait to see.... pictures coming soon!

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