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I checked the plugs out of the car, one at a time with a battery and jumper cables. Clamped them in a vise, connected negative to the vise and pos. to the plugs, as per a post I found yesterday when I searched. they glowed quickly (four of them).
Let me make sure I got series and parallel right - and this is a part that confuses me, more on why in a minute. Series is hooked one to the next to the next to the next. Parallel is a separate wire coming from the source to each each plug individually.
It confuses me because the plugs were hooked one to the next to the next for both set-ups - and both worked, I could not tell any difference in starting between the two.
Two years ago, before the old engine broke a piston, I had to get a 4 plug conversion kit when the car stopped starting. I put in four and left one, hooked up the little jumper wires as they had been, one after the other and BANG! it started right up and idled smooth very quickly with temps in the teens.
I am thinking of just going back to the loop plugs, but I must have at least one bad one, car is hard to start up and barely keeps running for the first few seconds.
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