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Overriding an Oxygen Sensor

Greetings All -

Has anyone spliced the O2 wires togther to override the system? (White to white and ground the black)

This pertains to an 87 560SL. It seems that either the O2 wiring is bad or the cat. is plugged or faulty.

Has anyone experienced and/or solved my issue. It seems that when the car warms up the car looses all power and runs extremely ruff. All I have to do is pull off the Electrohydraulic Actuator connector and the engine regains all power per design (without the power of the EHA). Last time I had this problem I soldered together all the O2 wires and the problem went away. Unfortunately, water and oil got between the tape and I believe is causing a short due to the low/varibale voltage that is put out during warm idle and accelleration.

Thanks for any help!!

1987 560SL
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