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Hi dyazdani,

Guess what. I had the xact same thing happen to me yesterday, The fault codes I got were:

ECU #=01

Freeze Frame T.C. -P0460
Fuel Sys1-Open Loop Mode

Short Term Fuel Trim---- 0%
Long Term FT,B1 -------- 6%

MIL is ON, Stored Trouble Codes Present
Misfire Monitoring Complete
Fuel Sys. Monitoring Complete
Component Monitoring Complete
Catalyst Monitoring Complete
Evaporative System Monitoring Complete
Sec. Air System Monitoring Complete
O2 Sensor Monitoring Complete
O2 Sensor Heater Monitoring Complete
Fuel Sys1-Closed Loop Mode

Short Term Fuel Trim---- -1%
Long Term FT,B1 -------- 13%
Cmd Sec. Air Status ---- 4
# of O2 Sensors -------- 2

ECU #=01
Vehicle Reports 2 Stored Trouble Code(s)
TC1 - P0460
Trouble code definition not found

TC2 - P0170
P0170 Fuel Trim Malfunction (Bank 1)
No pending codes reported

I don't know why yet, but i'm going to see my mechanic hopefully today. If I fond out what the problem is i'll let you know.

I was thinking MAF too. I hope it fixed your problem as I think i'm going to replace that first too.
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