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Re: w140 Bose amplifer question - yet ANOTHER

Originally posted by Bs500
any help on this matter would be GREAT!!! my original problem started a couple of months ago with crackling and popping speakers - volume wouldn't go up, etc. anyway i found another used replacemeny w140 bose amp. got it in the mail last week - installed it and whatdoyaknow - same problem. the guy i bought it from swears it worked when he took it out - he put a new system in his w140 500 sel. is there any chance the the head unit could be the root of this problem or perhaps he knew it was defective and went ahead and installed a new system because of it. i am in the process of contacting paypal and my credit card company (mbna) to see what my options are. any ideas? thanks!!
I got one from my MB dealer (rebuilt)and had them plug it in at the dealership, It was also defective, so I gave it back to them. I took mine to a local authorized rebuilder, who installed a rebuilt. It did not quite sound right so they also fixed the tuner at the same time for a small charge. It seems the tuner has the identical components as the amp. One year warranty, and still ticking!
You can also send it in to Becker, they can verify if it is defective, this can help you with pay pal.

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