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It is getting close to decision time - within the next 2000 miles the rotors and pads will need replacing on my 300E Sportline. I have read lots of posts about upgrading to late model 400E rotors and calipers, or just using slotted rotors, or just cross-drilled, or cross drilled, slotted, and low temp treated, or any of the above but with different pad materials.

Let me summarize what I think I have learned from the previous posts:

The 400E calipers and rotors will do the most braking improvement, but at the most cost, and with some question about a tight fit under the 15" wheels, cooling issues, and possibly master cylinder issues as well. The cost might be reduced by going with KB remanufactured MB calipers, but no one on the forum seems to have had any experience with them.

The cross drilled may or may not increase cooling or braking, may or may not loose braking because of loss of swept area, and may or may not be prone to fractures or cracking.

The slotted may not increase cooling, may decrease pad float under real hard braking, but may be pretty noisey.

The non OEM pads may improve braking, probably will decrease brake dust, but usually at the expense of rotors and increased noise, and possibly may not be as good in wet conditions.

One proposal was to keep the stock pads and rotors, and put the money into better vented, 16" wheels.

I occasionally drive relatively deep into the corners, and enjoy twisty mountain roads, and may get back into autocross events in the future. I am looking for the best bang for the buck in quiet, low fade braking, and would appreciate input from people who have tried any brake improvements. (Sorry, can't afford 6 piston calipers, composite/kevlar pads, and ceramic disks ).

Any real world upgrades and experiences out there to help the decision process?

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