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grey smoke: maybe sticky rings...? (in my case)


This is my first post at the forum, Iím writing from Madrid (Spain), where I live, and I own since a few months a Mercedes Benz 230E W124.

I have read a lot of posts about the high oil consumption that, by different causes, has suffered a lot of people.

Judging about what has been described here and also at other forums across a wide variety of cases, I deduce that probably I have a problem with sticky rings at the first cylinder.

A compression test recently revealed a very high value at first cylinder. If you pull out the spark plug of this cylinder, it is always bathed in oil.

Other symptoms: grey smoke only when car (and oil!) are hot and only when driving at town or quite low speed, specially (for example) when starting after a green light semaphore, when parking, or similar situation.

I have already change valve steam seals, but the improvement is almost zero. I put 15W-50 mineral Shell Helix Super and I change it regularly (it could be better 20W-50?).

Oil consumption reaches 3/4 litre any 1000Km, but it depends on the frequency that I drive at town, usually consumption stays around Ĺ litre.

My question is: does anybody tested one of that oil/gas additive that are advertised as carb cleaners like Marvel Mystery Oil or similar products? Rather than a fix, could cause them maybe more damage than benefits to my engine?

If you have used one of them, can you give me the name of the product and also what methodology have you used?

Thanks in advance for your help, sorry about my (poor) English and kind regards from Spain.
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