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First of all, pmizell I would like to thank you very much for your help. I trully appreciate that.

Second, since the subject has come up I might as well explain whats going on with the first gear/second gear story.

The 300E was equiped with the transmission 722.320. This is the usual transmission for the 300E and the one that most 300E have. This transmission starts on the second gear..
Middle of 1989 MB started equipping the 300E with the transmission 722.358. This transmission has quite a few improvements compared to the 722.320. In adition, it has the first gear start. However, the 722.320 continued to be fitted onto the cars well into the 1991 year when it was finally phased out. The 722.358 was eventually phased out in early 1993 when the 24 valve engine came out.

The confusion is that the two transmissions overlap through the years. In other words the 1989-1991 models were equipped with either one of the above transmissions. Thats why suginami's transmission has the secong gear start and pmizell's has the first, although there are both 1991 models.

Of course the selection about which transmission would be fitted in the car was dependent upon some factors that I am not familiar with. I suspect, (but I may well be wrong on this) that it must have something to do with the rear end ratios which as we know, also were changed around this time. So, maybe the first gear start 358 tranny was fitted to the cars with the low numeric rear end ratio. The second gear start 320 tranny maybe was fitted to the higher numeric ratio cars. Again this is just a suggestion but it makes sense to me, but I am not sure about it.

By the way, the 300E with the 2.6 engine had neither of these transmissions but was equiped with the 722.4.. series.
Also the 1993, 24 valve engine cars were equipped with yet another transmission, the 722.369.

Anyway, I hope this information helps those that are looking for a transmission swap.

pmizell thanks again !!


I swapped my 722.320 transmission with a 722.358 from a 1991 model.
This also starts in 2nd gear
At least I got the improved B2 piston and some other small improvements.

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