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'89 190 all of sudden runs rough

I just bought mt first benz and really enjoy it. Have had it about 3 weeks and no problems, until yesterday. We got a lot of snow and i don't know if it's related or not. Started out fine, after about 6-7 miles or so, car stumbled and went to almost an idle. Coasted to the sde of the raod where it would barely idle. Any feathering of the gas would do nothing. Tried drygas and filled the tank, nothing. Played around with the manual accelerator linkage and it seemed to clear out. Was fine for a while (30-45 min) and it did it again. I thought it might be road moisture getting into a/celaner so i disconnected snorkle. That's not it. If you shut it off and restart, starts right up and runs good for about 20 feet and starts all over again. It does clear out eventually and will be fine for a while. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm pretty handy with the wrenches, but, I just don't know anything about this car. By the way it's a 2.6 auto. Thanks for the help guys!
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