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Found the release pin, now what?

I feel like an idiot coming to the board for every l;ittle step, but a bit an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

I found the release pin hidden behind the steering column shroud and it released as Benzmac promised it would. The wire harness plugg in the back of the lock assy is still engaged and I can not get it out for the life of me. I have grasped the plug with a pair of pliers and pulled pretty hard only to se it budge a tiny bit. Does the cylonder/lock assy have to be clocked to a certain position to remove the plug? I do not see any plastic locking clip on the plug either. I can not extract the whole lock assy while the wire harness is engaged, so I am kind of stuck at this point until I make it over this hurdle.

I am taking baby steps, which I guess is OK since it is 14 degrees F outside and in the garage. I drove my VW cabriolet yesterday as the backup vehicle, but did not put the top down! I am swinging by the MB dealer to ask a question, maybe they can help me.

Merry Christmas!
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