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Unhappy 190E running rich problem AGAIN after repair!!!HELP!!!

Only been 2 months since I swapped out my fuel distributor to solve a problem of running rich.

Old problem seems to have cropped up again!NO!!!

Instead of a gradually deteriorating fuel mileage over a period of weeks like the last time, my fuel mileage went bad overnight!

When I last filled up my tank on Friday evening, the car had done close to 400km and needed 44 litres so gas mileage was about 9km/litre.My fuel mileage has been consistently around this figure since I swapped out my old FD for a used one.

By Saturday afternoon, having only driven for 50km, the fuel indicator was at the 3/4 mark!

I thought there may be a fault in the sender but in any case I decided to monitor the situation closely.

No clouds of black smoke on acceleration, no severe hestation on acceleration, etc at this point in time.

Checked the car for leaks but could not find any.

On Saturday evening, I noticed that when warm, there was a severe hesitation accelerating from standstill (a/c is on as always).Flooding maybe???

With the a/c off, the hesitation was gone.Looked at the exhaust and saw light black smoke at idle.When driving, I don't see any clouds of black smoke behind me like before.Maybe there is but I'm not seeing it...

Now as I type this message, the car has done 170km since the fill-up on Friday and the tank is almost at the 1/4 mark!

Seems that car runs rich, but performs better when cold.When warm, rough idle, severe hesitation on acceleration (like flooding).Fuel mileage is very bad.

Looks like I'm gonna have to check out the car again but I wonder what would cause the fuel mileage to go bad really quick?

I'll be damned if it's the fuel distributor that's foiled AGAIN!

This issue is frustrating me!!!

On a side note, after replacing the FD, when cold, the car would always fire when started, then die.On second try, the idle would be lumpy for a few seconds and then catch - then idle would be normal.I read on a few posts that this points to a failing fuel pressure regulator.

I also wonder if this is at all related to the current problem.

Car also had an oil/filter/plugs change on Saturday.Wonder if those service guys may have disconnected/touched something by accident (doubt it)?

I took the EHA off and the situation seemed no different - so we're dealing with a mechanical problem here AGAIN.

Took out my EHA wire harness and MM to look at the EHA current.

Key on, engine off - 4mA???????Something is wrong here.Normally it's 10mA.OVP?

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