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Lurker Says Thanks

After using this forum to gather details and instructions about changing a distr cap and rotor, I was able to quickly run through it with minimal scraped knuckles and confusion.

While I have always worked on my own cars and motorcycles including complete motor/trans rebuild, etc I was still aprehensive when I saw where the distr was on the 300. The 300 SE runs much better now. I also changed out the air filter and a broke vacuum line along the way. Don't ask how it got broke. Let's just say I will be replacing all vaccum lines soon as they are brittle as can be. Biggest fear now is wondering how brittle the wiring is going to be. Oh well I have rewired a car or two too so here I come.

Tomorrow, is oil and filter time and I have even used the instructions for building a home made one using my shop vac.
Not crazy about the spin off perched in back and facing downwaards but after reading messages here feel I can execute with little mess. It wil beat the cost of the local mech doing it I am sure.

Thanks again,

Tony P
Austin, Texas
1989 300 SE
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