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Talking YIKES

My apologies!!! The way I wrote the thread does seem a tad crazy. I simply mean has anyone soldered together the wires instead of just unplugging the old sensor and plugging in a new sensor? Does the solder have any issues with such a low voltage?

Here are my symptoms:

1) The car will run beautifully for about 10 to 15 mintues.
2) Then the car becomes ruff then goes into a complete engine bogg.
3) I turn off the car then restart and the engine runns beautifully until I go through numbers 1 and 2 all over again.

It seems as if something electrical is grounding out or is it the classic symptom of a bad OVP relay?

Also, if I disconnect the O2 sensor (as stated in one of the threads) will the EHA be disabled?

I have been using the old trick; a 1990 Mustang 5.0 O2 sensor.

Does it take a lot of carbon to foul an O2 sensor or are they semi-durable?
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