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My 1991 190E 2.6 does the same thing, but Iíve isolated its exact conditions. The heater (side and floor vents) comes on when the engine gets warm. Thatís gets warm, not is warm. How it can tell its a change in temperature and not just the temperature is beyond me. Once the temperature stabilizes the heater goes off. And its only when the normal heating button is pushed when its starts getting warm. If any other button is pushed the heater doesnít come on, but once it does come on no button pushing will turn it off. When I see a hill and think of it I push a different button. Because its related to the climate control button position I think its the climate controlís fault. Somewhere here I read someoneís mother did aerospace electrical soldiering and had her re-soldier stuff that was acting funny and it fixed it. I can do that type of soldiering and have done that same thing at work to cure similar ďfunnyĒ problems. So someday, probably when it gets warmer, Iíll dig it out and re-soldier it.
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