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Re: Lurker Says Thanks


Not crazy about the spin off perched in back and facing downwaards but after reading messages here feel I can execute with little mess. It wil beat the cost of the local mech doing it I am sure.
Before you open the oil drain plug make sure you have a proper strap or cap wrench and loosen the filter a quarter turn to make sure you can get it off. Then puncture it with a center punch or big nail. This will allow it to drain.

Remove the drain plug and let the oil drain from the pan. If you don't have a new copper ring, you can dress the existing one on some 220-400 paper on a flat surface to remove the galling marks and reuse it.

Once the oil is completely drained - say ten minutes - remove the filter. Wrap a rag or two around the filter base, but there should be minimal spillage.

Once most of the oil is drained I jack up the right rear of my 190, which lowers the drain hole so that last few ounces of dirty oil drains out.

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