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New E 420 owner...Thnaks!!

Thanks to everyone for your guidance on purchasing an E420. I just drove home a silver/Graphite E420, 67k miles with all options but the rear sunshade. The same dealer that had the Black one with the broken cruise, switch, rust, etc got another one in on trade today.

This was a trade on a new s-class by a female doctor, original owner, all service records by the selling dealer. No rust, normal sized door dings, perfect interior. I scoured the car thoroughly, all it needs are brakes, tires and a light bulb. Everything works great and I can probably squeeze by for another month on the brakes and tires.

Because the car wasn't cleaned up and they would've had to do the brakes and tires I was able to get it for $14,500.

I've looked at more than 10 of these cars and only one was nicer than all but one that was priced $6k more. Thanks to everyone for helping me take my time to find the right one. This car is solid.

I'm sure that my next post will be about replacing the rotors.

Love my new Benz.
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