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Does your friend drive a diesel? Oil pressure sounds right for a gasser.

Other than changing the fluids/filters I would drive it and not worry too much about it except for trying to get it back on somewhat of a scheduled maintenance program. The lower ends on these cars are pretty robust and can take some neglect. It just shows up by going "only" 180k versus 300k miles. Keep an eye on oil usage. If it uses alot then it may need new valve stem seals but other than that you are probably ok. Also, watch the temp gauge. They are unlike any other car because it can move around over a pretty wide range without causing any consternation. If, during normal operation, it goes much over the 100dC mark (and stays up there) then you need to service the cooling system. It will and should creep up over 100 when if you start it back up after having run it hard and then shut it down. Change the coolant when you do the water pump.
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