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How do I measure the "friction torque" dry (oil drained)?

The docs specify 125-150 Newton-Centimeters. To convert to
Newton-Meters, do I simply divide that by 100?
If so, that's 1.25-1.50 Nm. Is that correct?

I did find the PDF's on the W124 CD-Rom (testing210.pdf and

Tech_Mod210.pdf (p.5) states to ALWAYS replace the pinion seal.

Moreover, as of 1/4/1998, an improved pinion seal (pn# 025.997.0047) and a improved flange provides better protection from contaminents. It also states that the OLD flange can be used with the improved seal.

Unfortunately, I don't think that is true (old flange w/new seal)
because the "improved" seal now has a "valley/dip" where dirt can accummulate IF used with the old flange. Only a new flange
($188-wholesale) has a longer/wider lip to protect the "valley/dip" from contaminents.

Since I'm swapping flanges, I'm concerned that the swapped flange with the old seal may leak. I'd change the seal in a heartbeat, but I don't want to spend $180+ IF I can trust the old flange can be used with the improved seal. Note: it doesn't leak, but this is swapped flange. . .

:-) neil

Old Seal w/Old Flange:

New Seal w/Old Flange:
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