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I am quite certain that it does very little harm to a vehicle. Earlier, I used to downshift quite a bit. I still got 250 kmi from the clutch and I have now owned the car for over 300kmi. I do not have any noticeable damage from downshifting. I figure that as I am at over 370kmi with about 310kmi of it driven by me, if my driving style was poor or if I did things which were damaging to the car, the problems would have shown by now -- especially on a 60x which the board seems not to like as compared to a 61x (I do not share this feeling).

'84 (11/83) 190D 2.2 5-Speed; Silver/Blue; Motor No. 00354, 402k mi (340+kmi mine)

'89 Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe; Black/Black; 45kmi
'05 BMW 530i 6-Speed; 215kmi
'10 Range Rover; 30kmi
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